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For Thanksgiving, we traveled up to Nashville, TN to spend the holiday with Davey’s mom and brother. It was such a wonderful trip and it was so nice to be back in Nashville. Both of our hearts are in the city and we long for the  day that we can be there permanently! On our way back to Texas on Sunday, I wore this comfy outfit for the long travel day ahead. Little did I know that our 9 hour drive would turn into a 14 hour one! Right outside of Memphis we hit bad traffic and we didn’t get home until almost 3am. Blah. This outfit was a comfy one to travel in, lots of layers and stretchy fabrics help to maintain comfort throughout the drive. I think after a certain amount of time in a car though, nothing is comfortable anymore! 

What is your favorite outfit for a long car ride?

Enjoy! Xo

20131201_124838 20131201_124845

Chambray: Polo (old)

Top: Target (old)

Scarf: handmade

Pants: Banana Republic (here)

Boots: Target (similar here)

Bracelet: Gifted


I know that Fall has probably come and gone in most areas by now. However, Texas is just starting to show fall-like temperatures,  These are some things I am hoping to snag before winter comes! 
Fall Wish List

Tribal sweater

Lover mid calf skirt

Pull on boots

Post earrings

I am completely in love with the trend of baseball caps for girls. Um, hello bad hair day! Who says that only guys can pull this off! I love this outfit for many reasons: 1. I can wear a baseball cap 2. I get to wear my monogrammed shirt from our wedding 3. It’s sooo comfortable! 4. It’s a great outfit for running around checking things off your to-do list! Particularly, this day we had to go buy a bed. No the most exciting purchase but we needed one for our guest room as we have lots of guests coming the next couple of months! It was a little chilly out when we first left to go find a bed, but by the time we got home it had warmed up a lot. Hello, Texas fall! Oh well, at least we get cooler mornings and nights! 🙂 Anyways, I hope your Monday is off to a great start. Don’t forget, next time those hairs are out of control, put a cap on it! 

Enjoy! Xo

2013-11-02 13.06.33-1 2013-11-02 13.08.59 2013-11-02 13.09.31 2013-11-02 13.09.36

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: Loft (old)

Shirt: Men’s Merona, Target

Cardigan: Gap (old)

Hat: Target (men’s section!)

Bag: Steve Madden (TJ Maxx)

Watch: La Mer

I am obsessed with these shorts. They are so fun and playful! I got them during the Loft sale for our honeymoon really but I couldn’t resist throwing them on for a fun outfit! With this beautiful billowy blouse and a fun pink bubble necklace, this outfit is just fun and girly – perfectly summer. I have had fun getting some cute pieces for our honeymoon. I have never been anywhere so tropical so I am so excited to add a few fun dresses to my wardrobe ,as well as some new bathing suits!  

Also, let’s give a big shout out to my dog, Aero, for sticking his backside in the pictures. What a kind and thoughtful dog! 🙂 It’s a good thing I love that big baby.. 

Enjoy! Xo

Necklace: Etsy (here)

Blouse: Loft (similar here, ON SALE!)

Shorts: Loft (here, ON SALE!)

Shoes: Target (old)

Bag: Coach (gifted)

Watch: La Mer Collections (here)

2013-07-25 20.32.22 Aviary Photo_130192302852195367 Aviary Photo_130192302689435275

Up until the last few days, it has been HOT here in Texas. So, please forgive my dewy glow (otherwise known as Texas humidity) in these pictures. We literally took these as fast as we could before jetting back inside because it was that miserable outside. I don’t mind humidity, having grown up in the South, however, paired with 100 degree temps = not so fun. Anyways, I have had this dress for awhile and only worn it once! I wore it last year for Handsome’s birthday dinner. I’m not sure how I feel about the high-low trend. It’s an awesome dress with the fun stripes and perfect material for HOT summer days. I paired it with some fun nude and pink heels and just simple jewelry since the dress is loud enough. And don’t you just love my face in this first picture? You can tell I was NOT amused with the weather. Oh how I long for the days of fall…. 

Enjoy! Xo

Dress: Target (old, one I’m LOVING here)

Clutch/Bracelet: thrifted

Shoes: TJ Maxx (Nine West, old)

2013-07-09 14.09.02 2013-07-09 14.08.52 2013-07-09 14.09.18

I’m pretty sure the horizontal strips on this skirt are breaking some sort of rule. Vertical strips lengthen, horizontal strips widen? Oh well. I just love the jersey material of this skirt and how long it is! That’s really hard for a tall girl to come by. We went to family dinner tonight after a day of catching up on life. We spent some of the day cleaning (house = gross) and then Handsome proceeded to destroy me in a 3.2 mile run. After college I ran a lot and was actually training for several half marathons. I got burnt out over the last couple of years and started exercising in other manners. I don’t think starting off with a bang (3.2 miles, to be exact) was the best way to get back in it. Especially with three monster hills. But you gotta start somewhere huh? Anyways, I digress. I laid down for a few minutes before getting ready for dinner and that was a mistake. I did NOT want to get up. However, slipping on this casual outfit was pretty easy and family dinner was wonderful as always. So I guess it was a win-win. I will be posting about this delicious blueberry pie later this week! Told you I wouldn’t leave you hanging 🙂

Enjoy! Xo

Tank top: Target (old)

Skirt: Etsy (here)

Purse: Italy

Necklace: Madewell (old)

Sandals: Marshalls (old)

Belt: Francesca’s (old)

2013-07-07 21.33.19 2013-07-07 21.34.51 2013-07-07 21.33.49 2013-07-07 21.33.53 2013-07-07 21.34.42

I recently got these yellow shorts at Target to add to my summer short collection and I just adore them! They are such a fun shade of yellow and can be dressed up or down. I saw this outfit inspiration on Pinterest (where else?!) and decided to give it a try. I really love the nude/gold with the yellow. It makes for a summery but casual look. Not only is this outfit simple and fun but Handsome would never lose track of me in these bright bottoms. The addition of the aqua bubble necklace keeps the outfit playful and bright, breaking up the nude tones. I am just loving these bright colors for summer. What is your favorite outfit with a bright color as the main focus? BTW – if you are wondering what I’m looking/smiling at, that would be my dogs fighting over a stick. Taz always wins for the record.

Enjoy! Xo

2013-06-09 17.13.35

2013-06-09 17.12.08

2013-06-09 17.12.43

2013-06-09 17.12.27

Shorts: Target (here)

Top: Loft (old)

Necklace: Etsy (here)

Shoes: TJ Maxx (old)

Clutch: TJ Maxx (old)

Bracelets: Consignment

Handsome and I spent most of this weekend being lazy and playing with our pups. On Sunday evening, we headed over for family dinner per tradition. I spent most of the weekend in running shorts and a t-shirt so I wanted to dress up a bit. I just love this white dress. It is very light and airy so it’s perfect for hot days. However, it can be dressed up with some cute pink strappy wedges or dressed down like I did with some fun (and BRIGHT!) accessories! Also, I am a bit obsessed with these Cole Haan boat shoes. I have never owned any boat shoes because they make my feet look just like that…boats! However, with the shortened toe area and this fun color, these are just perfect! Anyways, this outfit will probably go into my rotation this summer for a fun, playful but simple look to run errands, go to the market or for a breakfast out! 

Enjoy! Xo

                                      2013-06-09 17.04.01

2013-06-09 17.04.14

2013-06-09 17.05.53


2013-06-09 17.05.13
2013-06-09 17.05.20



Dress: Gap (old, similar here)

Belt: Target

Shoes: Cole Haan (not in stores anymore)

Bracelets: Italy, Consignment

Clutch: Coach (old)

2013-05-29 19.38.59 2013-05-29 19.39.18 2013-05-29 19.39.31

I love this outfit because it is simple but fun! The khaki skirt makes it versatile and could be worn with heels, but for a taco night with my handsome, I opted for my Coach converses 🙂 Plus, you get some pics of my babies! Handsome also decided to take some fun pictures with his fancy camera on his phone so that is why the colors are all off. But it actually makes for some fun pictures! 

Enjoy! Xo

Top: TJ Maxx

Skirt: Target (here)

Shoes: Coach (old)

Bag: Vera Bradley

Aviary Photo_130111322336370576 Aviary Photo_130111322776083380 Aviary Photo_130111323135830064

It was still a little cooler on Saturday morning when we headed out to breakfast. I really wanted to wear my white jeans that I FINALLY found so just went with a lot of layers. Again, the shirt from Target. You are going to see it  A LOT! This outfit was great because as soon as it started to get a little warmer, I could take of the jacket and was quite comfortable! We went to our favorite breakfast place in town, The Diner. After breakfast, we just ran some errands and handsome actually found his wedding ring! Yay! This has been quite the process as he was not so happy at the fact that men’s rings are so cheap compared to women’s! I’m just happy he found a beautiful ring. Can’t wait for it to be on his hand all the time! Anyways, the weather was just beautiful that afternoon and we took our puppies to the farm to romp around and lay in the sun. It was such a nice Saturday!

Enjoy! Xo

Jacket: Target (here)

Button Down: Target (here)

Tshirt: Target (old)

Jeans: Loft (here)

Boots: Target (here)

Necklaces: Loft (old); Consignment

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