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I always find myself struggling to get the men in my life gifts for Christmas! This year is no different. Normally, when they want something, they just go get it themselves! Handsome and I are starting a new tradition where we are only going to give each other stockings each year filled with small presents (remember: small presents are sometimes the BEST presents!). Here are some ideas for stocking stuffers for that special man in your life!
Enjoy! Xo 
Stocking Stuffers for Him

I’m pretty sure the horizontal strips on this skirt are breaking some sort of rule. Vertical strips lengthen, horizontal strips widen? Oh well. I just love the jersey material of this skirt and how long it is! That’s really hard for a tall girl to come by. We went to family dinner tonight after a day of catching up on life. We spent some of the day cleaning (house = gross) and then Handsome proceeded to destroy me in a 3.2 mile run. After college I ran a lot and was actually training for several half marathons. I got burnt out over the last couple of years and started exercising in other manners. I don’t think starting off with a bang (3.2 miles, to be exact) was the best way to get back in it. Especially with three monster hills. But you gotta start somewhere huh? Anyways, I digress. I laid down for a few minutes before getting ready for dinner and that was a mistake. I did NOT want to get up. However, slipping on this casual outfit was pretty easy and family dinner was wonderful as always. So I guess it was a win-win. I will be posting about this delicious blueberry pie later this week! Told you I wouldn’t leave you hanging 🙂

Enjoy! Xo

Tank top: Target (old)

Skirt: Etsy (here)

Purse: Italy

Necklace: Madewell (old)

Sandals: Marshalls (old)

Belt: Francesca’s (old)

2013-07-07 21.33.19 2013-07-07 21.34.51 2013-07-07 21.33.49 2013-07-07 21.33.53 2013-07-07 21.34.42

Handsome and I spent most of this weekend being lazy and playing with our pups. On Sunday evening, we headed over for family dinner per tradition. I spent most of the weekend in running shorts and a t-shirt so I wanted to dress up a bit. I just love this white dress. It is very light and airy so it’s perfect for hot days. However, it can be dressed up with some cute pink strappy wedges or dressed down like I did with some fun (and BRIGHT!) accessories! Also, I am a bit obsessed with these Cole Haan boat shoes. I have never owned any boat shoes because they make my feet look just like that…boats! However, with the shortened toe area and this fun color, these are just perfect! Anyways, this outfit will probably go into my rotation this summer for a fun, playful but simple look to run errands, go to the market or for a breakfast out! 

Enjoy! Xo

                                      2013-06-09 17.04.01

2013-06-09 17.04.14

2013-06-09 17.05.53


2013-06-09 17.05.13
2013-06-09 17.05.20



Dress: Gap (old, similar here)

Belt: Target

Shoes: Cole Haan (not in stores anymore)

Bracelets: Italy, Consignment

Clutch: Coach (old)

2013-05-18 19.55.472013-05-18 19.56.032013-05-18 16.51.32

This past weekend we decided to FINALLY catch the new Iron Man movie. I normally don’t try to hard outfit-wise for a movie but I hadn’t done an outfit post in so long, I wanted to put on something cute for Handsome to snap some pictures! This is just an easy summer outfit and could be really cute with flat sandals and a fedora hat! I wanted to add the leopard belt in to give it a little something interesting! 

Enjoy! Xo

Shirt: Target (old)

Shorts: Gap (here)

Belt: Loft (old, similar here)

Sandals: Nine West (TJ Maxx)

Purse: Coach (old)

Necklace: Loft (old)

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