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Hello everyone! I wanted you all to know that Eventful Existence has moved to a new site! I am so thrilled to have a self-hosted blog and be able to really make it my own now. I know it’s a hassle for you readers but I’d love it so much if you could hop on over to my new site and follow that! I promise, this is the last change for awhile! Love you all! 🙂

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Happy Friday everyone!!! If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you should! But if not, here are some pictures from life lately..

knitting by the fire in Nashville

2013-11-30 16.22.59

our beautiful mantle my mom put together for us


I LOVE my ceramic Starbucks mug with my re-purposed sweater mug sleeve


our beautiful Christmas tree


I just adore this ornament


mini pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving that were a hit!


so thankful for our first Thanksgiving as a married couple


our silly great dane


the awesome bar cart frame that handsome made for me!


our cargo carrier that handsome made for our jeep


a family picture 🙂


loaded with wedding stuff and ready to head back to Texas!


I saw this on one of the blogs that I follow and ADORE (the daybook) and thought it was such a neat idea to delve into the personal realm of my life a little more than I normally do! 
Enjoy! Xo
Making : dipped wooden spoons – DIY coming soon! 🙂
Cooking : Soups – I am obsessed these days and they make great leftovers

Drinking : Coffee – definitely in my coffee drinking phase right now

 Reading : Mockingjay. Well, re-reading it. After Catching Fire, I wanted to remember what happened. 

Wanting : A pair of flat black riding boots

Looking: At Christmas lights is one of the best things about this time of year.

 Playing: Black Keys Pandora station, non-stop.  

Wasting: lots of plastic water bottles – i. will. not. get. sick. 

 Sewing: does stitch-witching count?

 Wishing: for colder weather!

Enjoying: our house all decorated for the holidays

Waiting: to see who wins The Voice

 Liking: violet eye liner

Wondering: what Santa will bring us! 

Loving: all of our wedding memorabilia sprinkled around our house – daily reminders of the best day ever. 

Hoping: that I can make it to the gym today

 Marveling: at how one late night can throw your whole week off – sleep wise

Needing: to order prints from our wedding! 

 Smelling: pumpkin soup that I made last night

Wearing: navy capris, tan sweater and leopard flats

 Following: StitchFix on Instagram

Noticing: how much of a home body I have become

Knowing: everything happens for a reason

Thinking: about wanting to go home and make stuff

Feeling: melancholy – about where I am as a person in life and where I want to be

 Bookmarking: BIG scarves

Opening: Christmas presents shipped in the mail

Giggling: Vine – best of videos

Feeling: like I’m ready for a nap. 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope your day is filled with lots of food, fellowship and football! 




If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen some of these photos. However, I wanted to share them again to give you a peek into our lives lately!

Enjoy! Xo

Life on this beautiful farm I work for

2013-11-02 16.04.24

Love this shelf my husband made for me to hold precious memories for us

2013-11-05 07.11.06

A simple outfit with a bright bubble necklace and stripes

2013-11-05 21.52.09

Aero was not a fan of getting up early

2013-11-08 06.22.04

A deep red nail color for fall!

2013-11-08 14.07.04

My mom and brother are visiting and brought their 3 corgis, here they are all lined up!

2013-11-11 08.03.04

Yes, I took a 2 month hiatus from blogging. Yes, that really sucks. BUT –  life got a little crazy. Starting in September, work entered our busiest month of the year. This was the month I was excited about/dreading all. year. long. Excited because we were so busy and wanted to see how things went. Dreading because we did 10 events in just a matter of a few weeks – EXHAUSTING. Then, after the dust settled and casualties were counted (just kidding – kind of), our wedding was coming at us at about 100mph. Davey was working late because of mandatory overtime AND going to school twice a week, working on a masters degree. OH – we moved, AGAIN. Life was just insane. Then our wedding was here and flew by – seriously, there are parts that are completely black to me because it went by SO fast. And now, before I know it, I’m sitting at home on my couch feeling like failed blogger (AGAIN) and wondering what to do. So my solution – apologize and move on 🙂 So here is my apology – I am sorry for falling SO far behind. I hope that from here on out, it won’t happen anymore and I can manage and balance life a little better, but we will see. So to make it up, here are some Instagrams from what WE have been up to lately.

PS – Being married is AWESOME.

IMG_20130903_090904  IMG_20130905_150324

A funny text from my hubby                              The new gallery wall in our house

IMG_20130906_232959   IMG_20130906_234807

                                    A fabulous pair of JCrew earrings    One of our last nights out together as SINGLE people


Our Big Green Egg that we are obsessed with            A beautiful sunrise in Texas

IMG_20130920_131654   IMG_20131003_085009

                             Cute details my bestie sent me                                         Wrapped bridesmaids gifts!

IMG_20131003_125045      IMG_20131007_093112

My adorable Great Dane                                                   Ladder shelves my hubby made

 IMG_20131019_120359   IMG_20131024_223955

Husband and wife!                                                                  The kiss!

 IMG_20131026_210018    IMG_20131022_115839

Waiting patiently                                                                       On our way to Barbados!

 IMG_20131029_175808   IMG_20131027_181140

Being corny 🙂                                                                     DIY wall hanging I made

IMG_20131027_231721 IMG_20131029_101411 IMG_20131027_180507

Yummy homemade caramel apples                       A casual outfit with a baseball cap                       Ladder shelves put to use!


Ah! Normalcy has returned! We are finally all moved and (somewhat) settled. I hate moving but this one was exciting as we were moving WAY up in the world from where we were living. Our house is adorably retro but we just are so happy. Plus, it is a new decorating challenge for me to try and play into the retro feel. I will be posting pictures soon. 

First, we went to Nashville weekend before last to meet with our Pastor and do some pre-marriage counseling. This was something that was very important to us as we wanted a Pastor that put a lot of interest into our relationship and making sure it was a healthy one before marriage. It was a great weekend and so nice to be back “home” for a couple of days. 

This coming weekend I head to Salt Lake City to do my final fitting for my wedding dress! EEK! I am SO excited to see it and actually be able to bring it home with me! It will be a fun-filled weekend with my best friend, Heather, her hubby, Tappan, my mother and her mother! Can’t wait to do some shopping for dresses for my mom, hike and enjoy the 100 degree heat sans humidity. Boy, my hair is in for a treat! 

I am SO excited to start doing more food blog posts though. With a bigger kitchen, I have more room for cooking projects and ability to take better pictures! Stay tuned! 

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks to catch you up on what we have been up to!

Enjoy! Xo

A really PINK smart car that is always parked at my gym

2013-08-08 17.35.33

Invitations are done and sent! Phew!

2013-08-09 10.46.28

Um, a hilarious picture of my brother-in-law to be that I can’t stop giggling at. 

2013-08-11 13.01.31

A beautiful boat ride in Nashville to lunch

2013-08-11 14.29.19

My handsome hubby-to-be in some sweet shades

2013-08-11 14.43.27

Some delicious cornmeal coated catfish in Nashville

2013-08-11 15.40.26

My adorable hubby-to-be. I pray our kids get his curly blonde hair

2013-08-12 20.29.09

Yup, the kitten has weaseled his way into the house every night now. 

2013-08-18 22.23.43

Tazzer is in heaven on our new patio – outdoors and shade!

2013-08-19 14.35.36

Our first day of opening RSVP cards! With Starbucks of course.. 

2013-08-19 17.54.46

Since the area around our “house” isn’t the nicest, I wanted to get out and take some pictures in a different setting. We were on the way to my office and had to stop at our grocery and I thought, why not!? Living in the middle of nowhere doesn’t exactly provide a plethora of cool backgrounds on which to take pictures for this blog. At our local grocery, they highlight locally grown produce all the time and these peaches were so beautiful! I love groceries that  make a focal point local farmers. And how gorgeous are those sunflowers!?

On another note… I just LOVE this black dress I got from Loft last December. It is perfectly comfortable and flattering. Plus it can be worn in all seasons. My outfits have to be so versatile for work because I never know if  I am going to be serving food, bartending, taking care of a clogged toilet (I know, gross but true) or working in my office on inventory! This dress with any cardigan thrown over it is a very easy work outfit and I know I will be prepared for anything while looking cute! Do you all have an outfit that is your go-to for unpredictable days?

Enjoy! Xo

Dress: Loft (old, similar here)

Cardigan: Express (old)

Purse: Coach (gifted, LOVE this one)

Shoes: Softt (Macy’s sale, LOVE these)

2013-08-23 00.25.42 2013-08-23 00.26.12 2013-08-23 00.26.24

Handsome won’t be so happy with me about this post but I’ll take the risk. I have been recently collecting younger photos of us for the wedding and he was just the cutest, lankiest, blonde-haired boy ever. I can’t wait to marry this man and I just had to share 🙂


(second from left)


(early morning fishing, baiting my hook for me)

Just a few of my favorite videos I have seen lately to make you laugh!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!

Enjoy! Xo

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