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With Christmas only 8 days away, I figured this blog post might be good to help inspire anyone that needs last minute gift ideas!!  This year it has snuck up on me so fast that I can hardly believe Christmas will be here so soon! I think the wedding had a lot to do with that – it made this year go by SO fast! Anyways – here are a few ideas for that beauty hunter, fashionista or homemaker in your life. Any of these gifts are sure to please! 
Enjoy! Xo
Holiday Gifts For Her

 I just LOVE making homemade Christmas decorations. My brother came up with this idea for our front porch and I just LOVE how they turned out! Homemade touches for Christmas always make it so special and unique! Try this idea out – plus if you have kids, they will love making this. We just googled a bunch of different snowflake shapes to make!

Enjoy! Xo

What you’ll need:

Glue gun with glue sticks

Popsicle sticks

Ribbon or fishing wire

Spray paint

2013-11-17 16.00.39

2013-11-17 16.03.21

2013-11-17 16.16.06

2013-11-19 08.19.02

2013-11-19 08.19.17

Happy Friday everyone!!! If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you should! But if not, here are some pictures from life lately..

knitting by the fire in Nashville

2013-11-30 16.22.59

our beautiful mantle my mom put together for us


I LOVE my ceramic Starbucks mug with my re-purposed sweater mug sleeve


our beautiful Christmas tree


I just adore this ornament


mini pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving that were a hit!


so thankful for our first Thanksgiving as a married couple


our silly great dane


the awesome bar cart frame that handsome made for me!


our cargo carrier that handsome made for our jeep


a family picture 🙂


loaded with wedding stuff and ready to head back to Texas!


Happy Monday everyone! I have been wanting new curtains in our living rooms since we moved into this house. Fortunately, the house came with curtains already but they were straight from the 70’s. We dealt with them through the wedding but knew we’d eventually replace them. One good thing about them – they were heavy enough to block out the Texas sun! When my mom and brother were here a couple of weeks ago, I told her that I wanted to get some new curtains for the living room. I had this big bolt of fabric that she had given me literally YEARS ago that I have lugged through 3 moves and told her we needed to use that! It’s a wonderfully retro pattern which fits our little retro house! She suggested using some stitch witch to bind the edges instead of sewing – we all know how my sewing machine and I get along! So we set out on this new project that only took a couple of hours and cost less than $30! 🙂 That’s what I’m talking about!!! 

Enjoy! XO

What you’ll need:

Fabric of your choice (make sure to measure how long you want your curtains to be!)

Stitch Witch (I went through about 2 packages of it)

An old dish towel (wet)


Ironing Board or Table

Curtain Hanging Hooks


 Start by laying out your fabric and laying the stitch witch down as wide as you want to make the edge. I didn’t make much of an edge because I wanted as much of the fabric for length as possible. 


Fold the fabric over the stitch witch and then lay your wet dish cloth over that. Then iron! Make sure your dish cloth is really wet but not dripping. You’ll need the moisture to help bind, especially for thicker fabrics! 


 Lift up your towel and check the edge to make sure it is good and sealed! Then move around the panel repeating these steps. 


Then hang! I used the curtain rod that is already up (and will eventually spray paint a different color). I love those little curtain hooks! 


Then I decided to add in a plain brown panel to help give it some variety with the stripes! 

I just LOVE soup recipes for cold and rainy days. We have had quite a few of those recently in East Tx, so a big pot of hot soup sounded just right! I honestly just made this soup from things I already had in my fridge and needed to use up! I will definitely be making it again though. So make this soup, cuddle up under a blanket and watch a good movie on those cold winter nights coming!

Enjoy! Xo


1 package of sausage (can be any flavor or kind you personally like)

1/2 head of cabbage, chopped

3 carrots, peeled and diced

3 stalks of celery, chopped

3 tablespoons of garlic

1/2 white onion, chopped

1 can of white northern beans

1 large container of chicken broth

Salt and Pepper

2 tbps Worcestershire

2 tbsp Italian Seasoning

IMG_20131127_112128 (1)

I started by slicing open the sausage links and browning the meat. Then chopping the celery, cabbage, carrots and onion and browning that with the sausage. 

2013-11-22 20.29.54 2013-11-22 20.35.50 2013-11-22 20.38.46

2013-11-22 20.36.04

After that was all nicely browned and the veggies were a little soft, I added in the italian seasoning, Worcestershire, salt and pepper and mixed well. If you get a nicely flavored sausage, you won’t need to use much seasoning!


2013-11-22 20.37.20

Then I added the chicken broth (and I think some extra pasta sauce I had leftover from the week) and let simmer for about 30 minutes. 

2013-11-22 20.57.14

My faithful cooking assistant 🙂


2013-11-22 20.59.09

YUM! We had a little rice on the side (Handsome LOVES rice) and I shaved some parmesan on top. This soup was DELICIOUS!

2013-11-22 22.19.54

Another idea inspired by Pinterest! I saw this idea and thought it was so adorable! I went to Lowe’s and got a couple bundles of wired garland to make these wreaths with. I didn’t want to use live garland because of the mess it makes and since I was going to have several hanging in the window, I thought fake garland would last better. You can hang with any sort of ribbon or even tulle you want! It’s a festive way to decorate your windows all winter long!

Enjoy! Xo

What you’ll need:

Wired Garland

Wire cutters



2013-11-17 13.57.44

I cut about 1.5 feet sections of garland and then shaped them into a circle. 

2013-11-17 14.13.03

I twisted the garland into itself to fasten it. 

2013-11-17 14.13.25

I made mine a little bigger than what I saw on Pinterest. I used a couple different types of garland as well. 

2013-11-17 16.26.36

Then just hung them in the window with some red ribbon and burlap ribbon! 

Here are a few pictures of our newly redecorated guest room! I am so happy with how it turned out. When we moved into the house, the room was already painted this bright teal color. I decided instead of painting again (I HATE painting) that I would just play up the color with a fun, bright room! You have already seen the re-loved dresser I did but I wanted a fun DIY headboard for the bed. I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was genius! Plus, I love this blanket but never want to use it for fear of ruining it! So this was a perfect solution.

Enjoy! Xo


2013-11-14 08.21.49

2013-11-09 12.20.29

I am SO excited to finally have a bigger kitchen. Even when we lived in Rockwall, our kitchen wasn’t huge. While this kitchen isn’t big and open like most modern kitchens, it is still a great size for a couple of people to be in at the same time and has SO many cabinets! After moving so many times, I have figured out how to organize the kitchen to best suit my kitchen needs and thought I would share! I know this may seem like common sense but it has taken me a few houses to really figure out how to best organize a kitchen!

Enjoy! Xo

This kitchen has lots of light which is great when cooking! I put my knives, cooking utensils, cutting boards and most needed spices right next to the stove top. 

2013-08-19 14.00.40

Easy access to other spices is key. Don’t want to have to leave a dish unattended for too long while adding in all the ingredients!

2013-08-19 14.00.52

Normally I try and display my cookbooks but they take up so much space that this time I decided I would put them in the cabinet directly above the stove top for easy access!

2013-08-19 14.01.03

Since this kitchen doesn’t have a normal pantry, I put some of the other kitchen necessities like canned goods and and sauces in this cabinet close to the stove top. 

2013-08-19 14.01.20

With several drawers under the cook surface, I put all of the kitchen gadgets and utensils I may need so they are in reach!

 2013-08-19 14.04.29

Our kitchen!

2013-08-19 14.03.20

Ah! Normalcy has returned! We are finally all moved and (somewhat) settled. I hate moving but this one was exciting as we were moving WAY up in the world from where we were living. Our house is adorably retro but we just are so happy. Plus, it is a new decorating challenge for me to try and play into the retro feel. I will be posting pictures soon. 

First, we went to Nashville weekend before last to meet with our Pastor and do some pre-marriage counseling. This was something that was very important to us as we wanted a Pastor that put a lot of interest into our relationship and making sure it was a healthy one before marriage. It was a great weekend and so nice to be back “home” for a couple of days. 

This coming weekend I head to Salt Lake City to do my final fitting for my wedding dress! EEK! I am SO excited to see it and actually be able to bring it home with me! It will be a fun-filled weekend with my best friend, Heather, her hubby, Tappan, my mother and her mother! Can’t wait to do some shopping for dresses for my mom, hike and enjoy the 100 degree heat sans humidity. Boy, my hair is in for a treat! 

I am SO excited to start doing more food blog posts though. With a bigger kitchen, I have more room for cooking projects and ability to take better pictures! Stay tuned! 

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks to catch you up on what we have been up to!

Enjoy! Xo

A really PINK smart car that is always parked at my gym

2013-08-08 17.35.33

Invitations are done and sent! Phew!

2013-08-09 10.46.28

Um, a hilarious picture of my brother-in-law to be that I can’t stop giggling at. 

2013-08-11 13.01.31

A beautiful boat ride in Nashville to lunch

2013-08-11 14.29.19

My handsome hubby-to-be in some sweet shades

2013-08-11 14.43.27

Some delicious cornmeal coated catfish in Nashville

2013-08-11 15.40.26

My adorable hubby-to-be. I pray our kids get his curly blonde hair

2013-08-12 20.29.09

Yup, the kitten has weaseled his way into the house every night now. 

2013-08-18 22.23.43

Tazzer is in heaven on our new patio – outdoors and shade!

2013-08-19 14.35.36

Our first day of opening RSVP cards! With Starbucks of course.. 

2013-08-19 17.54.46

Just a few of my favorite things lately! Enjoy! XO

Yellow and Grey striped socks for the men in our wedding party 🙂

2013-07-29 11.49.15

Bright and fun flower crowns for our flower girls 🙂

2013-07-29 16.12.47

This gorgeous malti-poo that I wanted so badly to take home with us!

2013-08-04 11.57.09

I finally held Cheyenne. After 6 months of refusing to touch the bird, I gave in. Can’t you see how thrilled I am?

2013-08-04 19.43.57

Can’t wait to see my wedding dress hanging from this! 🙂

2013-08-05 10.31.44

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