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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Yes, I took a 2 month hiatus from blogging. Yes, that really sucks. BUT –  life got a little crazy. Starting in September, work entered our busiest month of the year. This was the month I was excited about/dreading all. year. long. Excited because we were so busy and wanted to see how things went. Dreading because we did 10 events in just a matter of a few weeks – EXHAUSTING. Then, after the dust settled and casualties were counted (just kidding – kind of), our wedding was coming at us at about 100mph. Davey was working late because of mandatory overtime AND going to school twice a week, working on a masters degree. OH – we moved, AGAIN. Life was just insane. Then our wedding was here and flew by – seriously, there are parts that are completely black to me because it went by SO fast. And now, before I know it, I’m sitting at home on my couch feeling like failed blogger (AGAIN) and wondering what to do. So my solution – apologize and move on 🙂 So here is my apology – I am sorry for falling SO far behind. I hope that from here on out, it won’t happen anymore and I can manage and balance life a little better, but we will see. So to make it up, here are some Instagrams from what WE have been up to lately.

PS – Being married is AWESOME.

IMG_20130903_090904  IMG_20130905_150324

A funny text from my hubby                              The new gallery wall in our house

IMG_20130906_232959   IMG_20130906_234807

                                    A fabulous pair of JCrew earrings    One of our last nights out together as SINGLE people


Our Big Green Egg that we are obsessed with            A beautiful sunrise in Texas

IMG_20130920_131654   IMG_20131003_085009

                             Cute details my bestie sent me                                         Wrapped bridesmaids gifts!

IMG_20131003_125045      IMG_20131007_093112

My adorable Great Dane                                                   Ladder shelves my hubby made

 IMG_20131019_120359   IMG_20131024_223955

Husband and wife!                                                                  The kiss!

 IMG_20131026_210018    IMG_20131022_115839

Waiting patiently                                                                       On our way to Barbados!

 IMG_20131029_175808   IMG_20131027_181140

Being corny 🙂                                                                     DIY wall hanging I made

IMG_20131027_231721 IMG_20131029_101411 IMG_20131027_180507

Yummy homemade caramel apples                       A casual outfit with a baseball cap                       Ladder shelves put to use!



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