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I am SO excited to finally have a bigger kitchen. Even when we lived in Rockwall, our kitchen wasn’t huge. While this kitchen isn’t big and open like most modern kitchens, it is still a great size for a couple of people to be in at the same time and has SO many cabinets! After moving so many times, I have figured out how to organize the kitchen to best suit my kitchen needs and thought I would share! I know this may seem like common sense but it has taken me a few houses to really figure out how to best organize a kitchen!

Enjoy! Xo

This kitchen has lots of light which is great when cooking! I put my knives, cooking utensils, cutting boards and most needed spices right next to the stove top. 

2013-08-19 14.00.40

Easy access to other spices is key. Don’t want to have to leave a dish unattended for too long while adding in all the ingredients!

2013-08-19 14.00.52

Normally I try and display my cookbooks but they take up so much space that this time I decided I would put them in the cabinet directly above the stove top for easy access!

2013-08-19 14.01.03

Since this kitchen doesn’t have a normal pantry, I put some of the other kitchen necessities like canned goods and and sauces in this cabinet close to the stove top. 

2013-08-19 14.01.20

With several drawers under the cook surface, I put all of the kitchen gadgets and utensils I may need so they are in reach!

 2013-08-19 14.04.29

Our kitchen!

2013-08-19 14.03.20


Made a delicious flank steak recipe the other night! Flank steak can be tough if not prepared the right way but slow cooking it with some yummy baby potatoes and onions made for a great dinner! Plus, this recipe can cook while you are at work so no need to break out the pots and pans after a long day! I made a nice garden salad as a side dish. I tried out this recipe.. it’s delicious! 

Enjoy! Xo 


1 bag of baby yukon gold potatoes

1/2 yellow onion, sliced

1.5 lb cut of flank steak

Salt and Pepper

2 tbsp dried Parsley Flakes

2 tbsp Worcestershire

1. Combine all ingredients in the crock pot and cook for 4-5 hours on high or 7-8 hours on low.

2. ENJOY!!!

2013-08-19 13.54.56

2013-08-19 13.55.34

2013-08-19 13.59.25

Ah! Normalcy has returned! We are finally all moved and (somewhat) settled. I hate moving but this one was exciting as we were moving WAY up in the world from where we were living. Our house is adorably retro but we just are so happy. Plus, it is a new decorating challenge for me to try and play into the retro feel. I will be posting pictures soon. 

First, we went to Nashville weekend before last to meet with our Pastor and do some pre-marriage counseling. This was something that was very important to us as we wanted a Pastor that put a lot of interest into our relationship and making sure it was a healthy one before marriage. It was a great weekend and so nice to be back “home” for a couple of days. 

This coming weekend I head to Salt Lake City to do my final fitting for my wedding dress! EEK! I am SO excited to see it and actually be able to bring it home with me! It will be a fun-filled weekend with my best friend, Heather, her hubby, Tappan, my mother and her mother! Can’t wait to do some shopping for dresses for my mom, hike and enjoy the 100 degree heat sans humidity. Boy, my hair is in for a treat! 

I am SO excited to start doing more food blog posts though. With a bigger kitchen, I have more room for cooking projects and ability to take better pictures! Stay tuned! 

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks to catch you up on what we have been up to!

Enjoy! Xo

A really PINK smart car that is always parked at my gym

2013-08-08 17.35.33

Invitations are done and sent! Phew!

2013-08-09 10.46.28

Um, a hilarious picture of my brother-in-law to be that I can’t stop giggling at. 

2013-08-11 13.01.31

A beautiful boat ride in Nashville to lunch

2013-08-11 14.29.19

My handsome hubby-to-be in some sweet shades

2013-08-11 14.43.27

Some delicious cornmeal coated catfish in Nashville

2013-08-11 15.40.26

My adorable hubby-to-be. I pray our kids get his curly blonde hair

2013-08-12 20.29.09

Yup, the kitten has weaseled his way into the house every night now. 

2013-08-18 22.23.43

Tazzer is in heaven on our new patio – outdoors and shade!

2013-08-19 14.35.36

Our first day of opening RSVP cards! With Starbucks of course.. 

2013-08-19 17.54.46

Just a few of my favorite things lately! Enjoy! XO

Yellow and Grey striped socks for the men in our wedding party 🙂

2013-07-29 11.49.15

Bright and fun flower crowns for our flower girls 🙂

2013-07-29 16.12.47

This gorgeous malti-poo that I wanted so badly to take home with us!

2013-08-04 11.57.09

I finally held Cheyenne. After 6 months of refusing to touch the bird, I gave in. Can’t you see how thrilled I am?

2013-08-04 19.43.57

Can’t wait to see my wedding dress hanging from this! 🙂

2013-08-05 10.31.44

Well.. we are moving.. again. I think we should become nomads. Moving three times in one year qualifies for that, I believe. 

When we moved to Tyler, we knew our living situation was temporary. We are literally living in a shack and the drive is 1.5 hours for handsome one way to work. He has been such a trooper sacrificing that time for me to have this job. But, we have been constantly looking for a new place to move. However, people don’t seem to be dog lovers as much as we are, especially for great danes. So you could blame our dogs for our current living situation. Yes, let’s….

Anyways, we found a great place in Lindale, Tx which will make Davey’s drive only 45 minutes or so one way! We will be living in an actual house with lots of space and a nice yard for the dogs. So, we are VERY excited! I just want to get moving over with already!

Along with moving, we are just about 2 months away from the wedding! EEE! I am so excited. We are winding down with projects and what not so it literally is just a waiting game until the wedding! We are going to Nashville this weekend to plan out our ceremony and meet with our Pastor so that will be really exciting. 

I made these little treats, which are somewhat healthy, because I am nearing the end of my patience with dieting for this wedding 🙂 Can’t wait to do some real cooking and baking for you in our new house!

Enjoy! Xo


2 cups chocolate chips (I used semi-sweet)

2 cups granola (your favorite kind)

2 cups of coconut flakes, lightly toasted

2 tablespoons of flax or chia seeds (optional)

2013-08-06 17.33.01

Melt chocolate over double boiler.

 2013-08-06 17.37.59

Mix in the granola. Then refrigerate for about 5-10 minutes to just harden the chocolate a bit. 

2013-08-06 17.42.31

Remove from refrigerator and roll into little bite size balls. Then roll in the coconut until coated. 

2013-08-06 19.58.48

DONE! Try not to eat all in one sitting.. 

2013-08-06 20.04.30

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