Just thought I would share a few of my favorite things lately! 


2013-08-03 22.22.04

Handmade wishing tree tags that I can’t wait to have our guests and loved ones write well wishes on at our wedding.

2013-07-04 11.59.45

I know this picture has been used a lot but these blueberries are so delicious. I look forward to them everyday for my morning snack. 


These kitschy salt and pepper shakers add a bit of retro to our dining room table. 


Watching our new little family member (Handsome will have a fit when he sees this) play makes me laugh so much. Especially when our great dane gets down on her level to play. 

2013-07-09 19.40.25

I have a feeling these teacup candles I made for our wedding will most definitely find their way back to our house after the event. They turned out so beautifully (post on how to make them is coming!).