Our Fourth of July was just perfect. We woke up and headed out to a local blueberry farm to pick some blueberries. Blueberry Hill Farms in Edom, TX was absolutely packed! We grabbed our buckets and headed back to a corner to hopefully score some great blueberries. After wandering around for awhile looking at all the picked over bushes we were a little discouraged. However, we finally found a few with some blueberries and quickly filled up our small bucket. There were a ton of blueberries left but just not ripe yet! We headed inside to pay for our little bucket and snagged another bag of fresh blueberries. I just love them and can eat them like candy. I made a delicious blueberry pie that night for Family Dinner. I meant to take a picture of it but it vanished in minutes! I will make another, no fear! After picking blueberries we went home and took a nap for a couple hours (as much as I hate to admit that!). We have both been working so hard lately that the nap was a nice break. After our nap we headed over to family’s house for some pool time and a cookout. It was just such a perfect day! 

I hope all of you had a great 4th as well! Enjoy! Xo

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Tank Top: BCBG

Shorts: Gap (old)

Shoes: Toms (old)

Purse: Michael Kors (Marshalls)