Now, on to more important matters. A couple of weekends ago I took off for Denver for quite possibly the best bachelorette bash EVER, planned by my beautiful best friend Heather. Since getting back from that trip, slightly fuzzy in the head I must admit, I have been non-stop running. Anyways! My bachelorette weekend was great and spending time with Susan, Angie and Heather made it so perfect! They all choose Denver because it was the easiest and cheapest place for everyone to get to. Since we are all spread out all over the country, we hoped this would make it somewhat easier.

We all arrived on Thursday night and just caught up then crashed. Friday we woke up and explored downtown Denver a bit before heading to a winery to do some wine tasting. It was so fun and had a blast trying some different fruit wines!! Then we headed to this new vodka bar in Denver and had a blast trying some really good infused vodkas. I think Angie’s favorite was the horseradish infused vodka that they served with a pickle! So good. We kind of wandered around then had dinner at a Mexican place and called it a night. Saturday we woke up and went to this ridiculously awesome pool set up in the mountains outside of Denver. It is located in Eldorado Springs and is a spring-fed pool built in 1905 and was really popular during the 1920’s! Since our whole theme was Great Gatsby for the weekend, this pool fit in perfectly! We laid in the sun all day and they asked me all kinds of questions about Davey. It was such a perfect day in the sun.

That night we got ready in our Great Gatsby attire and headed out. It was such a blast dressing up like that! We said we wanted to wear our attire on a regular basis! We had dinner at this fantastic restaurant TAG: Continental Social Food. Dinner was so delicious and the dessert was magnificent. The chef only makes it one day every two months. It is a milk chocolate ball filled with brownies, vanilla creme, candied walnuts, and more chocolate. The chef personally serves it to the table and pours a small ramekin of caramel over the chocolate ball so it all melts into this gooey deliciousness. It really was so fantastic. After dinner we headed out to my surprise which was an awesome cabaret show! It was SO much fun. At the end I had to get up on stage and take a dance lesson which was a perfect ending to an awesome surprise. We headed out after the show and tried to dance as much as we could before the bars closed. It was an absolutely perfect night. 

The next day we all begrungingly headed to the airport. Not before we had a couple bloody marys though.. 

Thank you girls, once again, for an absolutely perfect weekend. Our Great Gatsby party was just fabulous, darrrrrrling.



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