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This cake is a perfect summer dessert! Light and airy, it has a divine taste with the mix of lemons and almonds. Being made with almond meal, it is completely flour-less and tastes wonderful when chilled completely!

Enjoy! Xo


1 stick unsalted butter, softened

1 1/3 cups sugar

1 vanilla bean, split and seeds scraped

1/4 cup lemon zest

4 eggs, separated and at room temperature

2 1/2 cups almond meal

10 1/2 oz ricotta

Flaked almonds, to decorated

Icing sugar, for dusting

2013-07-17 15.53.42

If you can’t find almond flour or meal in your grocery, it is really easy to make on your own! Just buy a couple bags of slivered almonds and process them in a food processor! You are also able to control the consistency of it, so you can make it more grainy or more fine.

2013-07-17 15.54.13

2013-07-17 16.16.12

2013-07-17 16.19.24

Once you have your almond meal made, just put it in a bowl and set aside. Next, preheat your oven to 325 degrees. Line your round cake pan with wax paper and coat with a little bit of butter or canola oil to keep the cake from sticking.

2013-07-17 16.08.28

Next, take the butter,  sugar, vanilla seeds and lemon zest in an electric mixer and beat for 8-10 minutes until pale and creamy. Scrape down the sides of the bowl, then gradually add the egg yolks, one at a time, continuing to beat until fully combined. Add the almond meal and beat to combine. Fold ricotta through the almond meal mixture.

  2013-07-17 16.14.07

Beat the egg whites in a clean bowl with a hand-held electric mixer until soft peaks form. Gradually add the remaining sugar to the egg whites mixture and whisk until stiff peaks form. Gently fold a third of the egg whites into the cake mixture. Repeat with the rest of the egg whites.

2013-07-17 16.39.31

Pour the mixture into the prepared cake pan and smooth out with a knife. Top with almonds and bake for 40-45 minutes. Allow to cool completely and then dust with icing sugar if desired.

2013-07-17 16.42.45 2013-07-17 17.50.01


I finally found a thrifted jean jacket that fits me. It’s for sure thrifted too being a Lee’s jacket and in great condition. I love it! I’ve been searching for one for awhile but was NOT going to pay $60 for one from Gap or somewhere that was made to look vintage. This one is a tad on the short side but that’s okay. I may let the hem out anyways 🙂 On Sunday, we woke up around 9am, had some breakfast and went back to sleep until 2pm! I guess we needed some sleep! So we got up and headed out to our local store – Fresh by Brookshire’s — and grabbed some lunch (and one of the best sandwiches I have eaten in a long time!) and then drove around exploring Tyler. We really love to do that sometimes, just drive around and explore! It was a wonderful Sunday and we got some much needed rest! We for sure feel ready to tackle this week!

Enjoy! Xo

Jeans: LOFT

Tank Top: LOFT

Jacket: Thrifted

Necklace: LOFT

Bag: Gifted

Sandals: TJ Maxx

2013-07-25 17.53.13 2013-07-25 17.53.07 2013-07-25 17.12.26 2013-07-25 17.12.11 2013-07-25 17.11.58

I am obsessed with these shorts. They are so fun and playful! I got them during the Loft sale for our honeymoon really but I couldn’t resist throwing them on for a fun outfit! With this beautiful billowy blouse and a fun pink bubble necklace, this outfit is just fun and girly – perfectly summer. I have had fun getting some cute pieces for our honeymoon. I have never been anywhere so tropical so I am so excited to add a few fun dresses to my wardrobe ,as well as some new bathing suits!  

Also, let’s give a big shout out to my dog, Aero, for sticking his backside in the pictures. What a kind and thoughtful dog! 🙂 It’s a good thing I love that big baby.. 

Enjoy! Xo

Necklace: Etsy (here)

Blouse: Loft (similar here, ON SALE!)

Shorts: Loft (here, ON SALE!)

Shoes: Target (old)

Bag: Coach (gifted)

Watch: La Mer Collections (here)

2013-07-25 20.32.22 Aviary Photo_130192302852195367 Aviary Photo_130192302689435275

HAPPY FRIDAY, EVERYONE!!!! I have been hooked on updating my shoe collection recently and thought I would share some of my favorites right now!
Enjoy! Xo
Shoe Love

High heels

Flat shoes

H by Hudson ankle boots
$230 –

Sole Society high heels

Since the area around our “house” isn’t the nicest, I wanted to get out and take some pictures in a different setting. We were on the way to my office and had to stop at our grocery and I thought, why not!? Living in the middle of nowhere doesn’t exactly provide a plethora of cool backgrounds on which to take pictures for this blog. At our local grocery, they highlight locally grown produce all the time and these peaches were so beautiful! I love groceries that  make a focal point local farmers. And how gorgeous are those sunflowers!?

On another note… I just LOVE this black dress I got from Loft last December. It is perfectly comfortable and flattering. Plus it can be worn in all seasons. My outfits have to be so versatile for work because I never know if  I am going to be serving food, bartending, taking care of a clogged toilet (I know, gross but true) or working in my office on inventory! This dress with any cardigan thrown over it is a very easy work outfit and I know I will be prepared for anything while looking cute! Do you all have an outfit that is your go-to for unpredictable days?

Enjoy! Xo

Dress: Loft (old, similar here)

Cardigan: Express (old)

Purse: Coach (gifted, LOVE this one)

Shoes: Softt (Macy’s sale, LOVE these)

2013-08-23 00.25.42 2013-08-23 00.26.12 2013-08-23 00.26.24

This outfit makes me feel like a little girl and let’s be honest, what woman doesn’t love letting the inner “little girl” come out to play? You know when your mom used to let you get ready for school on your own and you’d come out in a sequined t-shirt, snow boots, a pair of camo pants and a hat and call it a day? That’s kind of how I feel in this outfit. Florals or Stripes today? Ah, what the heck, let’s just mix them and add some fun pink wedges. Perfect little girl outfit! The pattern mixing works because of the similar color palette. It doesn’t overwhelm you! Add some fun bright accessories and you have a great summer outfit. I didn’t get a good picture of this bag either but I LOVE it. I got it at Marshall’s and it’s actually supposed to be a tablet/laptop bag but it works perfectly for a crossbody purse! I’ll have another picture of it, don’t you worry. 

Enjoy! Xo

Top: LOFT (here)

Skirt: LOFT (similar here)

Wedges: Nine West (old, LOVE these TOMS ones)

Bag: Marshall’s (Michael Kors)

2013-07-09 14.01.30 2013-07-09 14.01.45 2013-07-09 14.01.56

Handsome won’t be so happy with me about this post but I’ll take the risk. I have been recently collecting younger photos of us for the wedding and he was just the cutest, lankiest, blonde-haired boy ever. I can’t wait to marry this man and I just had to share 🙂


(second from left)


(early morning fishing, baiting my hook for me)

Up until the last few days, it has been HOT here in Texas. So, please forgive my dewy glow (otherwise known as Texas humidity) in these pictures. We literally took these as fast as we could before jetting back inside because it was that miserable outside. I don’t mind humidity, having grown up in the South, however, paired with 100 degree temps = not so fun. Anyways, I have had this dress for awhile and only worn it once! I wore it last year for Handsome’s birthday dinner. I’m not sure how I feel about the high-low trend. It’s an awesome dress with the fun stripes and perfect material for HOT summer days. I paired it with some fun nude and pink heels and just simple jewelry since the dress is loud enough. And don’t you just love my face in this first picture? You can tell I was NOT amused with the weather. Oh how I long for the days of fall…. 

Enjoy! Xo

Dress: Target (old, one I’m LOVING here)

Clutch/Bracelet: thrifted

Shoes: TJ Maxx (Nine West, old)

2013-07-09 14.09.02 2013-07-09 14.08.52 2013-07-09 14.09.18

Just a few of my favorite videos I have seen lately to make you laugh!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!

Enjoy! Xo

  Just LOVING this outfit I put together on Polyvore! How awesome for a day of running errands or exploring a new city? I’d love to see what you can put together on Polyvore as well! Share your favorite summer outfits!
Enjoy! XO

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