First off, I know it’s Thursday and I am SO sorry I didn’t get to post this yesterday. A 3 hour long staff meeting to start your day will just mess all kinds of things up! So here we are with this week’s installment of Wedded Bliss Wednesdays on a Thursday. Sigh. I’ll get it together one day! Bridesmaid dresses have become such an integral part of planning a wedding because it’s all about achieving the look you want. Brides are so creative now with what they make their lovely maids wear that the sky is the limit. Want all the traditional,  same color and style of dress? Sure! Want to have one style but all different colors? Why not? Want them to wear funky tights and a skirt and top they own? Go for it! The point is, you want these special ladies to be comfortable on your day and you want them to feel good. There is nothing worse than a bridal party standing at the alter fidgeting because their dresses are too tight or too short. So, with that being said, I have included some of my favorite picks out there right now for bridesmaids below. Happy Browsing! 

Enjoy! Xo


Love this for a formal wedding. I just adore Black Tie Weddings. There is something really special about seeing all of your loved ones dressed up for your big day! 


This asymmetrical hemline is just beautiful. Paired with a heel, it is a stunning bridesmaid ensemble. 


I actually love this lemon-lime color! Plus, the dress is beautiful. I can imagine it would be flattering on most girls as well!


I think this is such a great idea. Have your bridesmaids all get a certain length of dress (in this case, long) and then have them choose from a few colors that you like. It gives them a chance to have a dress they really love and is a great affect for the bridal party look. 


Or how about all of them in floor length, nude dresses? It creates a beautiful look for any wedding! 


Lastly, you can have a certain color for your maids to choose from (in this case, nudes) and have them pick a dress they like. I just love this look


This Grecian-inspired dress is beautiful. With the pleating and the one-shouldered style, I’m sure your bridesmaids will thank you for picking a flattering dress! 


Or how about having a designer on Etsy create a whole mismatched line for your wedding? These dresses are ADORABLE and I LOVE the poppy color! 


Another great option for a formal wedding. Plus, this dress is just too cute for words. 


The two-toned look for bridesmaids definitely allows you to play in the color scheme a little more. Plus, it makes it a little less formal. 


And last, but certainly not least, this classic silhouette which would look great on anyone. This dress is adorable in the color pictured or any colors you may want! Plus, it allows you to have a couple colors in the dress.