For this week’s Wedded Bliss installment, I wanted to highlight some of the different options there are for your guest book! Brides have done an awesome job of coming up with creative ways to do their guest book and I have chosen some of my favorite below! 

Enjoy! Xo


I like this option because it is similar to the traditional guest book, however you can make it more of a scrapbook with the little taped pieces of paper that your guests write on. It would be really easy to add in photos later from the wedding to make this into a full scrapbook!

 Dawn & Gavin Hall                    chair

These two ideas are so unique and special. If there is a shared interest between you two, like a guitar or skis, having your guests sign one to display in your home is an awesome idea. Plus, it makes the guests feel like they are contributing to a real unique piece of your wedding that can be displayed for years to come!

puzzle   puzzle2

This puzzle idea is just adorable. Especially if you are puzzle enthusiasts! Have each of your guests fill out a puzzle piece and after the wedding, put it together for a fun activity. Then you can frame it to keep it in your home. I have also seen ideas where you can have the puzzle printed with a favorite picture of the two of you then have guests sign on the back!


Stones are great for the outdoorsy types. They are beautiful to have displayed around your home too! Keep them in a big vase and when you need a pick me up or a reminder of your special day, take out a few and read them!


I absolutely adore this fingerprint idea. This idea is really cute to model after their favorite movie UP! Or you could make a tree and have everyone’s fingerprints be the leaves. Lots of options here and it’s one of a kind!


Lastly, my favorite idea, the wishing tree! These can be made so elaborate and beautiful or just simple with some twigs in a vase. It’s completely up to you! Your guests write well wishes on cards and hang it from the tree. It is a beautiful decoration piece and can be kept for years if you want! Or, take the wishes and frame them in a big collage!