2013-05-15 06.45.49


Last week we had our big baby, Aero neutered. It has been quite the traumatic event as we have never had a dog this size neutered or have to take care of. Not to mention the fact that he is a GIANT baby. Case in point, Taz nipped at Aero’s legs one day and he acted fine immediately. Then a couple of minutes later, he decided his leg hurt and began limping and looking at us with his big baby eyes. Handsome and I couldn’t help but laugh because it was just pathetic! However, this go-around is much more serious. We learned (after lots of freaking out about blood spots) that big dogs have veins similar to humans. The doctors can’t tie off every single capillary in a big dog so they essentially just bleed until the vein closes itself up. His body couldn’t absorb the blood fast enough back into his system so it just oozes out (sorry for grossing anyone out!) So we have had a week of our big boy acting like a big baby and still some minor bleeding. The thing that gets me the most is just seeing my boy in pain and I can’t do anything! That is the hardest part. I know he is uncomfortable and probably exhausted. However, we are on the upswing of things, so yay! I just had to share this picture and a little story about him this week. He does this a lot..just walks up to you and sticks his face in yours for some love or sits on you. It’s hilarious. I love him so much. Keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming!

Enjoy! Xo.