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I love this outfit because it is simple but fun! The khaki skirt makes it versatile and could be worn with heels, but for a taco night with my handsome, I opted for my Coach converses 🙂 Plus, you get some pics of my babies! Handsome also decided to take some fun pictures with his fancy camera on his phone so that is why the colors are all off. But it actually makes for some fun pictures! 

Enjoy! Xo

Top: TJ Maxx

Skirt: Target (here)

Shoes: Coach (old)

Bag: Vera Bradley


Happy Friday everyone!!! Hope you enjoy this Fabulous Four post! 

Enjoy! Xo


1. I am making this recipe for Chipotle Chicken Sweet Potato Skins tonight! Can’t wait to see how they turn out to possibly add to my clean eating recipe stash!

2. This poppy and cream ensemble for the bedroom is just beautiful! 

3. Struggle to think of gifts for the man in your life? Why not make him some awesome beer coasters for his man cave?

4. This slip with added lace on the bottom is a genius idea for under skirts and dresses that may be a little too short! Love!

Lipstick Pairings
I have recently become a HUGE fan of lipstick. It just adds a whole other element to your outfit! Here I have paired some great summer outfits with a perfect shade of lipstick. Use it to help plan your next wedding outfit! 
Enjoy! Xo

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This past weekend we decided to FINALLY catch the new Iron Man movie. I normally don’t try to hard outfit-wise for a movie but I hadn’t done an outfit post in so long, I wanted to put on something cute for Handsome to snap some pictures! This is just an easy summer outfit and could be really cute with flat sandals and a fedora hat! I wanted to add the leopard belt in to give it a little something interesting! 

Enjoy! Xo

Shirt: Target (old)

Shorts: Gap (here)

Belt: Loft (old, similar here)

Sandals: Nine West (TJ Maxx)

Purse: Coach (old)

Necklace: Loft (old)





I wanted to start doing a consistent blog post about weddings because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love weddings!? I am having such a blast planning my own that I wanted to incorporate it more into my blog. While we already have a lot of major decisions made, it is still fun to go back and look!  Each week I will feature a different aspect of planning a wedding. 

Let me know what you think and Enjoy! Xo


1. This beautiful set of blooms was featured on Cloud Parade. I just love the exotic blooms and the haphazard way of how they are put together!

2. These are silk roses! Can you believe that? They are absolutely stunning and I would have never known the difference! What a great alternative to real flowers. 

3. I adore anything with succulents. This bouquet is no different. Just natural and simple. Beautiful! 

4. Billy buttons are so cute and fun. I am a little biased since that is what my bouquets are but how simple and beautiful is this bouquet with the billy buttons!?

5. An all white bouquet is just timeless and stunning. I love the mix of roses and calla lilies. Plus it goes with any other colors you might want to incorporate!

6. This colorful bouquet of assorted wildflowers is perfect for a rustic/vintage wedding. You could even go to the florist the day before or morning of and pick it out yourself! How fun!

2013-05-15 06.45.49


Last week we had our big baby, Aero neutered. It has been quite the traumatic event as we have never had a dog this size neutered or have to take care of. Not to mention the fact that he is a GIANT baby. Case in point, Taz nipped at Aero’s legs one day and he acted fine immediately. Then a couple of minutes later, he decided his leg hurt and began limping and looking at us with his big baby eyes. Handsome and I couldn’t help but laugh because it was just pathetic! However, this go-around is much more serious. We learned (after lots of freaking out about blood spots) that big dogs have veins similar to humans. The doctors can’t tie off every single capillary in a big dog so they essentially just bleed until the vein closes itself up. His body couldn’t absorb the blood fast enough back into his system so it just oozes out (sorry for grossing anyone out!) So we have had a week of our big boy acting like a big baby and still some minor bleeding. The thing that gets me the most is just seeing my boy in pain and I can’t do anything! That is the hardest part. I know he is uncomfortable and probably exhausted. However, we are on the upswing of things, so yay! I just had to share this picture and a little story about him this week. He does this a lot..just walks up to you and sticks his face in yours for some love or sits on you. It’s hilarious. I love him so much. Keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming!

Enjoy! Xo. 

I don’t know about you but my friends are beginning to have babies. Aren’t we too young for this? I swear every time one of them tells me she is preggo, I have a moment of panic and  an “OMG! What are you going to do!?” moment, closely followed by a light bulb moment – “OH YEAH! This is okay. We are adults now.” Yes, we are becoming PARENTS now. I can’t take this. Slow down time, please?

Anyways, over the last few years I have started attending my fair share of baby showers. At first, I was all cute, non-practical gifts. Doesn’t every baby girl need an adorable tutu?! Then I started to learn…new moms need practical gifts. They need things they will use and know they have in their hazy, zero sleep state-of-mind. Therefore, I have completely re-figured my usual baby shower gift to include items that are needed. Below are some awesome ideas for your next baby shower gift. I have also included some homemade gifts which I think adds a nice touch to ANY gift! And go ahead.. get that adorable tutu if you want, just make sure to include something she will actually use too 🙂

Enjoy! Xo

First, I want to showcase a dear friend of mine and her ADORABLE baby toys that she makes! Jamie is the founder of Harper & Hazel and creates wonderful products that moms everywhere can feel safe about giving to their babies! Harper & Hazel toys are made with all GOTS certified organic cotton, organic thread, hand-dyed organic ribbon and stuffed with a natural corn stuffing. The plastic toy insert is toy grade as well! She has her products in stores in North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida but you can also order them from her online site: Harper & Hazel. Check out how cute these things are?!

1 2


Now for the other cute baby things..


1. This adorable bouncer will keep baby occupied just long enough for mom to get a few sentences into her book 🙂 Wishful thinking, right?

2. A Boppy is never a bad idea for a gift to help mom out!

3. This adorable Studio Diaper Bag is fashionable enough to make you forget it’s a diaper bag for a minute!

4. I have had a few friends love this Sophie giraffe to help during teething!

5. I love a homemade diaper cake to give at a shower! It can be a cute decoration at the shower and for the nursery…well, until they actually need to use the diapers 🙂 Tutorial here.

6. This idea of taking a picture every month until they reach one is such an adorable idea. These handmade onesies are pretty easy too! Just get the iron ons here and some plain white onesies from Target!

LOVE this video. We all need to be a little more carefree sometimes!

Enjoy! Xo


As we get closer to the wedding (5 months! EEK!), I find myself getting more and more emotional, in a happy way. We aren’t necessarily stressed about the wedding as we have so much done already. I just find myself tearing up when watching sappy moments more than usual or getting really emotional when people ask what my marriage wish is (I flat out started bawling the other day when someone asked me this). This time for handsome and I has just been such an emotional roller-coaster for many different reasons and I think we are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Have any of you experienced this? Since we have been engaged for over a year now, the anticipation is just getting higher and higher. I think I may actually burst on the wedding day of just pure joy that all of the planning and executing finally reaped it’s rewards! I just can’t wait for the day to be here when I finally can look in his eyes and say “I do!” and wake up the next morning as his wife. So, October 12 if you are listening….HURRY! We simply cannot wait any longer for you to get here. 

For our honeymoon, we are heading to beautiful Barbados. I haven’t been anywhere so tropical and lush! I can’t wait to lounge in the sun all day and just live a relaxed lifestyle for a bit. We may never come back! 🙂 For this trip, I want to get a couple bikinis that are a little more out of my comfort zone. I normally stay very conservative with my bathing suits but want to venture out a bit! I love the cut out bottoms and the different monokinis they have now!
Which ones do you like?
Enjoy! Xo

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