Happy Friday everyone! Isn’t it funny how we get to Friday and our moods lift, we have more pep in our step and life looks quite rosy (sans the glasses)? Then in the blink of an eye it is Sunday night and you are sitting there dazed and confused as to what happened to that pep in your step and the rosy hue you cast on life. Ahhh weekends, how you toy with our emotional well-being. 

On another note, here are my Fabulous 4 for the week found on Pinterest

Enjoy! Xo

1. I just adore J.K. Rowling and this quote made me love her even more! It is shocking the importance we place on external looks vs. internal values!

2. This summer outfit is so adorable. Carefree but put together. I love the hint of a peek-a-boo shirt but not completely see through!

3. This bread recipe sounds and looks so easy! And you don’t even need a bread maker! Sound perfect to me!

4. This dog-loving idea is perfect in the hot summer for our pooches! I am going to give it a try while the temperatures are still mild. Just freeze water and chicken broth with a variety of treats (think beggin strips and not biscuits here), toys and other surprises for them to lick away at! Will keep them entertained on a hot day!