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It was still a little cooler on Saturday morning when we headed out to breakfast. I really wanted to wear my white jeans that I FINALLY found so just went with a lot of layers. Again, the shirt from Target. You are going to see it  A LOT! This outfit was great because as soon as it started to get a little warmer, I could take of the jacket and was quite comfortable! We went to our favorite breakfast place in town, The Diner. After breakfast, we just ran some errands and handsome actually found his wedding ring! Yay! This has been quite the process as he was not so happy at the fact that men’s rings are so cheap compared to women’s! I’m just happy he found a beautiful ring. Can’t wait for it to be on his hand all the time! Anyways, the weather was just beautiful that afternoon and we took our puppies to the farm to romp around and lay in the sun. It was such a nice Saturday!

Enjoy! Xo

Jacket: Target (here)

Button Down: Target (here)

Tshirt: Target (old)

Jeans: Loft (here)

Boots: Target (here)

Necklaces: Loft (old); Consignment