New Orleans Jazz Fest
So over my birthday weekend, we are going to the Jazz Festival in New Orleans! It is one of my favorite cities and I am so excited about going back. Jazz Fest is so much fun too because the city is just packed with people and there is all kinds of awesome music, food, and things to do! I needed some inspiration on what to wear for a potentially hot and muggy weekend outside!
1. Of course, shorts and a flowy tank top are always great because it keeps you cool and the hat gives you some much needed protection from the sun!
2. A long maxi dress is a great way to wear a dress but not have to worry about it being too short for romping around a festival field. Plus, throw a little jacket over it at night and you are ready to go out!
3. Rain boots are a necessity if it might rain over the weekend. Since the festival is set in huge fields, they get really muddy when it rains. This outfit can keep it cute even if the ground is a little muddy!
4. This outfit is great for a cooler day and going out at night! I love black skinny jeans as they go with everything.
Which outfit is your favorite??
Enjoy! Xo