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Do you ever just have those weeks where you just can’t believe so much crap has happened and it’s only Tuesday? Or that something breaks as soon as you touch it and then that causes something else to fail? Yeah, this week has been just that. One of those weeks where you just have to shrug your shoulders, take a deep breath and keep on steppin’. The other night, while watching handsome and Aero play around in the yard (it’s so fun to watch because Aero is starting to catch up to Handsome speed wise so now he legitimately gets scared of Aero catching him) there was a storm rolling in and it just got so windy and the sky was so cool looking that I had to stop for a minute and just look up and let the wind blow my hair around. Just relinquish control and say “Okay! you are teaching me a lesson in patience here! I get it!” Also, it just felt so good to just be for a minute. Not worrying about wedding stuff, how dirty the house was, or making sure this event was ready to go for Friday. Just be in the moment. I don’t do that enough. 

Happy Friday. Xo