So, I changed my mind on the Top 5 and instead went with 4 so that it was easier to make a collage but also because I can call it the Fabulous 4! 🙂

Enjoy! Xo

1. Everyone and everything is so technology based today that I love the idea of having our guests Instagram any photos they might take at our wedding. Then we can share in them all as well!

2. I adore an outfit of all neutrals. Now to find an adorable pleated khaki skirt!

3. Homemade ketchup eliminates all of the sodium and sugar in the store bought stuff. I need to try this during the summer when tomatoes are ripe!

4. I am obsessed with succulents. Plus, they seem to be the only plant that I can grow and maintain successfully. This picture inspires me to make an indoor terrarium  this summer!