I have recently happened upon the many uses (and amazingness!) of coconut oil. It is such a versatile product and so AMAZING for your body. I really started learning more about it when I worked at the Chiropractor’s office. I found a book lying around one day called The Coconut Oil Miracle and absolutely fell in love with it! I wanted to know more and more so I just kept researching articles about this wonderful substance! Here are some of my favorite ways to use the product!


I have very short eyelashes and have always longed for longer ones so I started Google-ing natural ways to get your eyelashes to grow. The first article that I read said to mix together coconut oil and vitamin e oil in a container and apply on your eyes before bed. So I tried it! I religiously put it on after washing my face by rubbing it in circles over my eyes and eyelashes, making sure to really coat my eyelashes in it. Now, you do NOT need very much of this stuff. It will melt as soon as you put it on your hand if it is solidified. Just use a dab on each eye and really rub in well. I have noticed incredible growth in my lashes and they have gotten a lot thicker too! I get comments all the time asking if my eyelashes are fake! Ha!

The next experiment I tried with coconut oil was a lip scrub. The cold months really wreak havoc on my lips and even though I swear by this stuff, my lips still needed some TLC. So I made a paste of coconut oil and brown sugar (raw sugar would work well too, you just want the bigger crystals). Make sure the paste is really thick and be careful again as it will melt as you are rubbing it over your lips. Massage into your lips for about a minute then wipe off. Apply your favorite lip balm after and voila! Perfectly soft lips. Handsome couldn’t believe how well it worked! I try and use this every other day until my lips are in great shape again.

Also, I have swapped my body lotion for coconut oil! Lotions have so many chemicals in them that I wanted to use something more natural. Those chemicals all get absorbed in through your skin so just be careful what you put on your skin! Most of the time I just use the raw coconut oil on my skin. It gives a wonderful fragrance and is not greasy at all! Leaves your skin super smooth. However, I really want to try this recipe for Whipped Coconut Oil Moisturizer since it seems so easy and you can fragrance with anything you like!

Lastly, I’m all about having healthy, white teeth. But I hate those whitening strips as they leave your teeth super sensitive and again, toothpastes are FILLED with chemicals! Therefore, I really want to try using coconut oil as a toothpaste! A recipe I found just suggests mixing toothpaste with baking soda until it forms a paste, then adding in some peppermint oil if you wish! I know it seems weird and out there, but it’s natural and baking soda is supposed to be a better way to whiten your teeth anyways! I’m going to give it a shot.

Have you ever used coconut oil before? If so, how?? 

Enjoy! Xo