This past weekend, handsome and I made it a point to really relax. We haven’t had a weekend in MONTHS where we had no plans or a to-do list a mile long. Since starting my new job, life has just been nuts and we welcomed a non-committed weekend with very open arms. You know, like as far as we could open them, Come to Mama! open arms. I think the weather was on board with this plan as well as it rained alllllllll weekend.  Fantastic. So commenced our lazy weekend. We spent all day Saturday catching up on movies we had missed in theater. It was so wonderful to just have one of those college days where you stay in your sweats, get your favorite food and just watch movie after movie. Sunday was really no different. We did decide to go for a hike with the puppies during a break in the rain. It was nice to get outside and stretch our legs before a big Easter dinner I had planned. We took the boys (Aero and Taz) and tromped around in the woods and found a little pond for Aero to get some swimming in. 

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Aviary Photo_130092536768424903 Aviary Photo_130092537863952151   

We then went back to the house and I started cooking my first Easter dinner for us! I love Easter simply because it is a good excuse for an awesome honey baked ham! We kept it simple with some herbed peas and boiled potatoes as sides. But I did splurge and make some homemade Hawaiian rolls that turned out pretty good for my first batch! Then of course dessert was not left out as I made this Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Box Cake. Here are some pictures from our wonderful Easter Sunday. It just may be a new tradition in the making!

What are your favorite Easter Sunday traditions?

Enjoy! Xo

 IMG_1801 IMG_1899

IMG_1901 IMG_1903