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I always like to get my Mom something a little different for Mother’s Day. Searching for a truly unique gift idea is always exciting and shows you really put some effort into it! I have found some really cool ideas this year and wanted to share a few of them with you!

What are you going to get your Mom this Mother’s Day??

Enjoy! Xo

1. This book is full of 40 cards that are meant to be sent between Mother and Daughter. Such a neat idea to preserve special cards and sentiments that are shared. Also, it can be passed on between generations as a way to keep the tradition going!

2. This Trinity Cuff is such a neat and different piece of jewelry. Perfect for the woman who has everything!

3. A message pillow is such a cool way to add a little sassy-ness to your room! I LOVE this one which is a little sweeter. However, Be Nice or Leave brings back memories of my mom saying that to my brother and I when we were younger!

4. I told you I was obsessed with succulents. This indoor planter box is just so neat and could be grown anywhere!

5. My Mom loves good tequila. These shot glasses are made from Himalayan Salt. No more licking it off your hand anymore!

6. What Mom doesn’t love a beautiful bottle of perfume? I love how delicate and beautiful this bottle is of Annick Goutal ‘Un Matin d’Orage’ Eau de Toilette.



A couple weeks ago we had a HUGE event here for Breckenridge Village here in Tyler. This is the only picture I could get of my outfit which I adored. Don’t you love those mornings when you get ready and put on an outfit that you’ve pictured in your mind and it actually works! You look in the mirror and yell “nailed it!” It’s a wonderful feeling. I just loved this outfit. It was so spring-ish and girly that it made my whole mood bright for the day. Plus, it fit with the theme of the event in being very girly and bright.

The event had about 48 tables that were all decorated differently. Ladies that hosted the tables would decorate them as they saw fit and they were just gorgeous! Close to 500 ladies showed up to support this great place and it was just a sight to see! I took a picture of each table but that is wayyyy too many. So here are some of my favorites!

Enjoy! Xo

2013-04-18 15.51.00 2013-04-18 15.52.25

 2013-04-18 17.52.382013-04-18 17.50.19

Dress: Gap Outlet

Blazer: Banana Republic (old)

Shoes: Nine West (old, similar here)


Happy Friday everyone! Isn’t it funny how we get to Friday and our moods lift, we have more pep in our step and life looks quite rosy (sans the glasses)? Then in the blink of an eye it is Sunday night and you are sitting there dazed and confused as to what happened to that pep in your step and the rosy hue you cast on life. Ahhh weekends, how you toy with our emotional well-being. 

On another note, here are my Fabulous 4 for the week found on Pinterest

Enjoy! Xo

1. I just adore J.K. Rowling and this quote made me love her even more! It is shocking the importance we place on external looks vs. internal values!

2. This summer outfit is so adorable. Carefree but put together. I love the hint of a peek-a-boo shirt but not completely see through!

3. This bread recipe sounds and looks so easy! And you don’t even need a bread maker! Sound perfect to me!

4. This dog-loving idea is perfect in the hot summer for our pooches! I am going to give it a try while the temperatures are still mild. Just freeze water and chicken broth with a variety of treats (think beggin strips and not biscuits here), toys and other surprises for them to lick away at! Will keep them entertained on a hot day!

Aviary Photo_130111322336370576 Aviary Photo_130111322776083380 Aviary Photo_130111323135830064

It was still a little cooler on Saturday morning when we headed out to breakfast. I really wanted to wear my white jeans that I FINALLY found so just went with a lot of layers. Again, the shirt from Target. You are going to see it  A LOT! This outfit was great because as soon as it started to get a little warmer, I could take of the jacket and was quite comfortable! We went to our favorite breakfast place in town, The Diner. After breakfast, we just ran some errands and handsome actually found his wedding ring! Yay! This has been quite the process as he was not so happy at the fact that men’s rings are so cheap compared to women’s! I’m just happy he found a beautiful ring. Can’t wait for it to be on his hand all the time! Anyways, the weather was just beautiful that afternoon and we took our puppies to the farm to romp around and lay in the sun. It was such a nice Saturday!

Enjoy! Xo

Jacket: Target (here)

Button Down: Target (here)

Tshirt: Target (old)

Jeans: Loft (here)

Boots: Target (here)

Necklaces: Loft (old); Consignment

New Orleans Jazz Fest
So over my birthday weekend, we are going to the Jazz Festival in New Orleans! It is one of my favorite cities and I am so excited about going back. Jazz Fest is so much fun too because the city is just packed with people and there is all kinds of awesome music, food, and things to do! I needed some inspiration on what to wear for a potentially hot and muggy weekend outside!
1. Of course, shorts and a flowy tank top are always great because it keeps you cool and the hat gives you some much needed protection from the sun!
2. A long maxi dress is a great way to wear a dress but not have to worry about it being too short for romping around a festival field. Plus, throw a little jacket over it at night and you are ready to go out!
3. Rain boots are a necessity if it might rain over the weekend. Since the festival is set in huge fields, they get really muddy when it rains. This outfit can keep it cute even if the ground is a little muddy!
4. This outfit is great for a cooler day and going out at night! I love black skinny jeans as they go with everything.
Which outfit is your favorite??
Enjoy! Xo

Aviary Photo_130111336725122266 Aviary Photo_130111337125567227 Aviary Photo_130111337483403137 Aviary Photo_130111337803742658

I woke up on Thursday last week and it was warm outside. Weather said high of 78 so I put on a skirt and top and headed to work. However, when I left work around 11 to run home for lunch, IT WAS FREEZING! So this outfit is a result of a mid-day change. First, almost my whole outfit is from Target. What can I say, I LOVE that place. I got these booties a couple weeks ago from there and I just love them! They go with everything. And they made a perfect addition to this outfit to keep my toes from getting cold! Also, I’m slightly obsessed with this button down. I got it at Target as well. I have found their Men’s Small Button Downs fit me perfect! The sleeves are long enough (annoooooyyyying when sleeves are too short) and the fit is just right. I love it!

Are you a Target shopper just like me??

Enjoy! Xo!

Sweater: Mossimo (Target, old)

Button Down: Merona (Target, here)

Jeans: Banana Republic (old)

Boots: Target (here)

Bubble Necklace: Etsy (here)

Bracelets: Gold link chain, consignment; Pearl, store in Franklin, TN

Clutch: TJ Maxx

Friday afternoon I was just craving something summer-y and sweet. Our team mothers used to make us Fruit Pizza in college all the time for home tournaments. It just sounded like the perfect dessert for a warm, Spring evening.

I made the crust out of sugar cookie dough. Bought a roll of it at the store and pressed it into the round baking pan. I baked it in the oven for about 8-10 minutes, or just barely golden brown at 350 degrees. Took it out and let it cool. 

I then chopped up some berries and kiwi for the topping. You can use whatever fruit you like most!


The “sauce” for the pizza is just a cream cheese mixture. 

1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese

1/2 cup white sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla extract


Then spread that all over the cooled sugar cookie crust. Then top with your cut up fruit! Voila! 

IMG_2089 IMG_2090

It’s really simple and easily adaptable to your favorite fruits. You could even make a chocolate cream cheese mixture by just adding some cocoa powder to it! Yum!

What are your favorite summer desserts??

Enjoy! Xo

IMG_20130418_115118 IMG_20130418_115333 IMG_20130418_115502

Do you ever just have those weeks where you just can’t believe so much crap has happened and it’s only Tuesday? Or that something breaks as soon as you touch it and then that causes something else to fail? Yeah, this week has been just that. One of those weeks where you just have to shrug your shoulders, take a deep breath and keep on steppin’. The other night, while watching handsome and Aero play around in the yard (it’s so fun to watch because Aero is starting to catch up to Handsome speed wise so now he legitimately gets scared of Aero catching him) there was a storm rolling in and it just got so windy and the sky was so cool looking that I had to stop for a minute and just look up and let the wind blow my hair around. Just relinquish control and say “Okay! you are teaching me a lesson in patience here! I get it!” Also, it just felt so good to just be for a minute. Not worrying about wedding stuff, how dirty the house was, or making sure this event was ready to go for Friday. Just be in the moment. I don’t do that enough. 

Happy Friday. Xo


So, I changed my mind on the Top 5 and instead went with 4 so that it was easier to make a collage but also because I can call it the Fabulous 4! 🙂

Enjoy! Xo

1. Everyone and everything is so technology based today that I love the idea of having our guests Instagram any photos they might take at our wedding. Then we can share in them all as well!

2. I adore an outfit of all neutrals. Now to find an adorable pleated khaki skirt!

3. Homemade ketchup eliminates all of the sodium and sugar in the store bought stuff. I need to try this during the summer when tomatoes are ripe!

4. I am obsessed with succulents. Plus, they seem to be the only plant that I can grow and maintain successfully. This picture inspires me to make an indoor terrarium  this summer!

This past weekend, My mom and I went to Nashville to do some wedding planning. Because I am currently in Texas and she is in North Carolina, this will probably be the only weekend we have before the wedding to actually plan stuff! It was a packed weekend full of laughs, tears, joy and lots of food!!! I just love Nashville, it’s such a wonderful city with all kinds of things to do and explore. We stayed away from music row this trip as we wanted more quiet and time to really think out and plan stuff for the wedding. Thursday night we went to Whiskey Kitchen for dinner. What an awesome place! We sat at the bar and ordered a bunch of appetizers to share since neither of us were really hungry. Aptly named, they have a lot of great whiskey drinks so we sampled some! At handsome and I’s wedding we are having a signature cocktail and have been debating for awhile about what to make for it. We asked the bartender what a great but simple whiskey drink would be and he whipped up a couple for us to try! My favorite (and hopefully our signature drink) is Jack Daniels (for Tennessee, of course), a splash of homemade ginger simple syrup and a squeeze of lemon. I thought it would be way too strong but I LOVED it. It was the perfect balance and I think a great option for our wedding. By the way, if you ever find yourself in Nashville and want to try Whiskey Kitchen, their Sweet Potato Fries and The Aristocrat wings were AMAZING! I apologize for the shameless selfie below too…

IMG_20130415_160031 IMG_20130413_075303

Friday was a whirlwind day. I really wanted to get a picture of my outfit cause it was super cute but alas, I forgot! Ah well, it will be another outfit for another day! We started off with cake tasting at Dulce Desserts and I am so freaking excited about our dessert bar, I can’t stand it! Dulce makes some unbelievable cake flavors and their buttercream icing is to die for! Can’t wait to see all of that set up the way we envisioned it! After indulging on lots of cake, we walked around the Nashville Farmer’s Market then headed off to Franklin, TN and ate a quick bite at Merridee’s Breadbasket which was fantastic. They have some great desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth! Franklin is such a cute little town with a bustling downtown area and lots of awesome shops. However, we had to run off to our hair trial at Wedding 101,which is a neat studio where a bride can get everything she needs in one place for her wedding! I love my hair/makeup lady for the wedding so much. She did a fabulous job and I know she will make me look beautiful for our wedding day! After exploring Franklin for a bit, we headed back to Nashville and ate at Puckett’s for dinner. Oh my is this place delicious. Just home cookin’ type food. We tried the BBQ and the Fried Chicken. I’m not a big fan of Fried Chicken but this was DELICIOUS. Sufficiently stuffed, we headed back to our hotel to do some logistical planning for the wedding. 

2013-04-12 10.23.41

2013-04-12 11.33.312013-04-12 11.26.14

2013-04-12 12.41.30 2013-04-12 15.36.31


Saturday was mainly spent at the venue trying our rehearsal dinner food (YUM!) and touring the site for details we needed planned out. I am so excited about getting married about this BEAUTIFUL spot. Hachland Hill Vineyards is our dream location and I know it will be perfect! Below are a couple of pictures of the barn where our reception will be held. Isn’t it beautiful!? That night was spent with Handsome’s mom, Lia, at her house just having some needed girl time. We are so fortunate that our mothers get along and I know it will be a great friendship from here on out! 

barn creek

All in all, a great weekend. I am so excited about our wedding and can’t believe it’s only 6 months away. It can’t come soon enough! 

Hope you all have a great week!!


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