So, I have been listening to the John Tesh Radio Show in the mornings and really love his show! He has some awesome information and tidbits to think about.

I know summer (and bikini season) is right around the corner and I’m sure most women are fretting about how they will look in their teeny weeny bikinis!


Winter always seems to be the best time of the year for me to shed some pounds. I’m not sure if it is being cooped up, colder weather or the threat of bikini season that helps me, but once the warmer weather hits, it’s easy to pack those pounds back on. Here are just some things to remember that I heard on John Tesh’s radio show about why we may GAIN weight in the spring!

1. Cadbury eggs are on EVERY check out line! With Valentine’s and Easter holidays in the early part of the year, the grocery stores are PACKED with candy. Just try and remember that moderation is key! Check this out: 90 million chocolate bunnies are sold and 16 billion jellybeans. WOW!

2. We start exercising more. This may sound odd but because the weather is warmer and we become more active, our appetites grow! You can always eat through a great workout if you aren’t careful about fueling your body properly. Exercise really should suppress your appetite so if you are feeling hungry after a workout, you may be dehydrated so try drinking water before eating!


3. Longer days! Because the days are longer we may start going to bed later than normal which leads to tired eating the next day. Also, our eating schedule may change to accommodate the longer days which gives us more time in between meals for snacking. Try to stick to 5-6 small meals a day and limit snacking in between. If you feel hungry, try drinking water or hot tea!

4. For you coffee drinkers, stick to hot coffee with a little skim milk and sugar. When the weather warms up, iced coffee becomes the drink of choice and can usually pack on more than double the calories of a regular cup of joe. So try and stick the normal hot version of coffee if you can!


Happy Weekend! Xo