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Davey is a fashion blog photographer in training. Bless his heart for putting up with me taking the camera everywhere (although he claims he is happy it is being used now). And now, he has gotten roped into taking outfit photos of me as well. He acted like true paparazzi, snapping picture after picture. Lesson #1: QUALITY vs. QUANTITY. Oh well, this will just have to do. The bright side? The photos can’t go anywhere but up 🙂

We decided to do an impromptu dinner out Wednesday night for our one year engagement anniversary. We both hate having multiple anniversaries. Therefore, instead of celebrating when we met, first kissed, started dating, etc, etc, etc, we just picked to celebrate our engagement anniversary this year. Thank goodness we only have to keep up with one anniversary next year! Eeee! Oh you don’t know what a bunch of random “e”s are doing followed by an exclamation? Don’t mind me, I’m just squealing like a little girl.

So I threw this outfit together. It’s fun to have a spontaneous night to get dressed up. I love the idea of mixed prints but can’t always pull it off well. I thought the subtlety of the flower print and the navy t-shirt helped break up what could be a sensory overload. A neutral wedge and clutch just helped to pull it together but not take away from the outfit.

What are your favorite ways to mix patterns??

Button Down: Gap (seen here); T-shirt: Target (old); Skirt: Gap outlet (old); Shoes: Nine West (TJ Maxx); Clutch: TJ Maxx; Bracelet: TJ Maxx; Earrings: Lily’s Bead Box; Watch: La Mer