Hello, friends! Yes, this is my second attempt at starting a blog but it is a New Years Resolution to actually stick with it this year (who actually keeps theirs anyways?). So please give me a pat on the back because I already have TWO posts ready to come your way! Yay for small victories! Anyways, recently Davey and I have made another move to Tyler, Tx. I think we are going to adopt the nomadic lifestyle actually. Less baggage (literally!) and who doesn’t like to be in a perpetual state of moving anyways? All joking aside, this move was primarily for me. I was offered a job here to run this place: Kiepersol Estates Bushman Celebration Center . I am SO stoked and love the job so far. It’s a beautiful place with so many different facets that can appeal to just about anyone. I used to always say that I would never get into this industry after watching my parents do it for most of my life. However, the apple just didn’t fall very far from the tree. Turns out I have the genes to plan parties, organize events, and take care of people. Who woulda thunk?! 

We are so very excited about this opportunity and embarking on a new journey in life. This move was just good for our souls. As one of my friends put it ” the things you see outside are more beautiful, the sky is bluer, everything changes for the positive.” And boy is she right! Everyday I am actually excited to get out of bed and walk into this beautiful place and work hard for this great company. 

SO, I have planned for this blog just tidbits of all different things: recipes, fashion, event updates here at Kiepersol, health and wellness information, etc. So get excited! AND, if you ever find yourself in East Texas for no apparent reason (ha!) stop by Kiepersol Estates and see us! It’s a magical place, set in the tranquil fields of Tyler, Tx. We offer great wine, fabulous steaks and food, and just an overall peaceful outlook on life.