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One year ago today the most amazing man I could ever imagine loving asked me to marry him. Davey’s proposal will always be a memory that I NEVER forget. Sitting on our secluded patio overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea on the Amalfi Coast has to be one of the most romantic locations imaginable. He nervously (me not knowing it was nerves at the time) fumbled with his wine glass, drinking enough liquid courage so he could somehow hold it together to ask me to be his wife. After emphatically saying “yes” a million times, Seth and Heather (listening through the window from inside the house) popped open some wine and we celebrated only the way Italians would — with drinks and food. It will be a trip I never forget and my only regret is not having better pictures of the actual proposal. It is okay though, I will have the memory of Davey’s face when I said “yes” ingrained in my mind forever.

Here are some pictures from this fabulous trip that I just had to share on this retrospective day. Enjoy!

Oh, PS — only 206 days til I get to marry this handsome man!